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History of Pine Creek Ski Area

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A ranching community with hard-working people who needed to fill long winter days, Cokeville started Pine Creek with few resources but a snowy mountain and some determination.  The hydroelectric plant that originally powered the city of Cokeville was once difficult to access.  The Old timers who worked at the plant in the winter made their way up the winding canyon road and trudged through the snow to get from the plant to the water source further up the hill.  
In the beginning, they would side-step their way up and down the hill as a means of packing down the snow.  Later, they used an old Chevy motor to power a rope tow, making the uphill a quicker journey.  
As time went on, the city of Cokeville shifted away from hydroelectric power.  What became of the hydroelectric plant?  The Ski Patrol shack at the base area occupies that concrete building today.  
Another piece of Cokeville history occupies Pine Creek: a portion of the lodge.  The original lodge for Pine Creek skiers to come to for lift tickets, shelter, and bathrooms was an old train depot.  The city of Cokeville managed to move it to Pine Creek in one solid piece after it was donated by Union Pacific.  Though the lodge has been added onto, the original depot remains as the core structure.  
Pine Creek Ski Area was refined over the years.  Little by little the skiable acreage grew.  Today, Pine Creek is the product of a cooperative project with Wyoming Division of Tourism, Bureau of Land Management, and Lincoln County.  In 1970-something, the city of Cokeville wrote a grant to buy the old Millicent single chair from Brighton Resort.  Local cowboys loaded up their ranch trucks and trailers with the lift and brought it back home.  After installing the single chair, Pine Creek skiers could enjoy 1300' vertical without breaking a sweat going uphill.  
After 39 years of single-chair memories, Lincoln County wrote a grant to acquire a brand new fixed grip quad.  In 2002 the Garaventa CTEC summit quad was installed.  47 quad chairs increased the load capacity.  The 2 mile-long cable reached the 8225' summit, granting skiers 1500' vertical from the top of the mountain down to the parking lot.  

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